Monday, July 29, 2013

What next, a Capitol Ban on Roving School Kids? Sly points out Blaska hypocrisy.

With all the attention centered on the arrests at the Capitol, you’d think they would try to be as factual as possible. No such chance with the administration. They do realize making obvious lies will exposed almost immediately:
WKOW: A Dane County official disputes a state official Stephanie Marquis’ claim a scheduled state capitol wedding ceremony took place in the rain, as dozens of protesters inside the capitol occupied the building's rotunda.

County court commissioner Daniel Floeter tells 27 News he officiated the wedding ceremony, and said it was held outside the building by design, with no precipitation. "We did not do the ceremony in the rain," Floeter says.
If anything, Capitol Police might have to crack down on the problem of large groups of school kids getting in the way:

Floeter says the only delay in the ceremony just before noon resulted from the brief presence of about fifty school children.
Here's more from WKOW's Greg Neumann with the Blaska "permitted" sing-in with comments from 93.7's Sly:

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