Wednesday, July 31, 2013

GOP backed Banks the real job killers. Family Restaurant forced to Close.

It occurred to me after reading the following story that Obama's Affordable Care Act isn't shutting down businesses, it’s the GOP’s biggest supporters…the banks. Yeah, the ones American’s bailed out.

The horror story started with an illness, and the owner falling behind on his bank payments. Instead of working something out, the bank foreclosed. It’s business, take a hike. Maybe depositor's should too.
The Mount Pleasant Patch: After nearly 60 years of serving Racine, Dino's Restaurant will close its doors at the close of business on Sunday.

Dino Dominici opened the restaurant at the corner of 16th Street and Phillips Avenue in 1955. Now 82, he said it feels terrible to see his life's work closing. "I've been here for 58 years, paying the bills and now the bank doesn't want to work with us," he said. "We're doing good business and we have good customers."

Dominici said the trouble began over two years ago when he had to have open heart surgery and couldn't keep up with the payments. When he was on the mend, the family tried to get the bank - Tri-City National Bank - to work with them, but the family couldn't meet the cash requirement.
Dave Ferderer, Dominici's grandson, told Patch Monday that the business is going through foreclosure despite an agreement that the bank would own the building and the restaurant would lease. Then, he said, he got a call from the family's lawyer saying the deal was a bust and foreclosure proceedings would commence.

"We started going through this two years ago, trying to get them to work with us, but they just wouldn't," he said. "For some reason, they'd rather see an empty building than give a local business another chance."

Dominici's daughter - and Dave's mom - Rosalie Ferderer said several times during an interview with Patch Monday that she can't believe the restaurant is closing after all these years. "I just can't talk about it," she said, wiping tears. "I worry about what will happen to our employees and the shut-ins who rely on us for food. It feels like my heart is being ripped out." Dominici shrugged and agreed. "This feels terrible," he said.

For Dave, the hardest part of closing is thinking about where his employees will go. "My chef has been here for 30 years, I see him every day," he continued. "And other employees, too. Chris Myhre, an assistant manager, has been with the restaurant for 16 years. her voice waivered and cracked occasionally during our conversation.

"We found out last week," she said, referring to when Ferderer broke the news. "And it hurts, to be honest. This is more than a job. I've worked here for 16 years, and this is my family."


  1. The owners have been trying to sell the business for years. I can't comment on the bank, but Dino's son is a rabid teabagger who treats the low income people in the neighborhood like animals. Most people wouldn't buy a stick of gum from them. They are keeping the frozen pizza side - so they'll be fine.

  2. Thanks for the insight on these bad business neighbors. I feel bad I gave them a moment of sympathy.