Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Smashing the High Graduation Rates Myth at Voucher Schools.

Education historian Diane Ravitch mentioned Milwaukee's voucher program and explained away the higher graduation rates touted by choice lobbyists and backers:
I received the following email today from Senator Mitch McConnell. He really needs to get some people on his staff who can read and understand education research.

He would learn, for example, that students in voucher schools have not outperformed students in public schools anywhere. He would learn that voucher schools appear to have a higher graduation rate because they have a huge attrition rate.

For example, in Milwaukee, 56% of the students who started vouchers schools in ninth grade dropped out before reaching graduation. So, the 44% who did not drop out were more likely to have a higher graduation rate than the public schools that accepted the dropouts from the voucher schools.

Why do these so-called “conservatives” want to destroy their own community’s public schools? There is nothing conservative about that.

Funny they don’t mention that vouchers have never been approved in any referendum. Voters don’t want their public dollars to go to religious or unregulated private schools.
That was easy.

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