Friday, July 12, 2013

Book "Pushed to Far" Thanks Wisconsin Protesters

Ever wonder how I manage to spend so much time blogging?

My author wife Ann Voss Peterson is doing rather well with her spy thrillers on Amazon.

Reader reviewers were great for Pushed to Far, featured here. But my reason for including it here, besides pride and a shameless plug, is this excerpt from the acknowledgements:
And I have to throw in an extra dose of thanks to Wisconsin's terrific public employees. Police, firefighters, teachers, snow plow drivers, correctional officers, and the list goes on. Without you not only would this book not work, but the state of Wisconsin wouldn't either. I'll march with you anytime.
The protests changed a lot about the way Ann and I feel about our state, what we lost, and what it used to be like. Who knew there were so many (conservatives) in Wisconsin who hated everything about it. Heck, you can cross the border into Louisiana now, and never know you left Wisconsin. No difference. Instead of enjoying our quality of life here, Republicans were more concerned about moving us down the list of high tax states. Paperwork, rankings and status.

Check out the other books she's done with J.A. Konrath too.

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