Thursday, July 18, 2013

Rise of the Smart Meters: Republicans continue Petty Meaningless fights for “Freedom,” offering false sense of patriotism!!!

Republican State Rep. Jeremy Thiesfeldt put on his tin foil hat long enough to write this bizarre fantasy based press release: 
Armed with $3.4 billion federal stimulus (ARRA) dedicated to smart grid projects nationwide many local utilities have mandated the implementation of “smart meters.” While projected efficiencies are laudable…
Here’s where we go off the Richter Scale:
…personal privacy concerns oblige caution. Smart meters can cross the line guarding individual privacy and exploit a customer’s dependence on utility services for which there is likely no alternative … these meters can be capable of collecting far more than utility usage … they can track home occupation, security system presence and settings, schedule habits of residents, temperature, computer usage, value of electronic devices, etc. The list of potential data collection and subsequent vulnerabilities is almost endless … rationing of services is also within the realm of capabilities … online data and wireless transmissions by smart meters are intrinsically tempting to hackers, unauthorized third parties, and potential warrants by overzealous law enforcement. On a wider scale, former Defense Secretary Leon Panneta once warned of a potential “cyber Pearl Harbor”, where hackers could shut down entire power grids based on smart meter data. On a smaller scale, there is a great potential for home intrusions and thefts by well-informed individuals or hackers Realists and intellectuals agree the question surrounding cybercrime is not if, but when.
Check out this supposed “horror story:”
A simple internet search reveals a plethora of smart meter horror stories. Audrey Parker, an 81 year-old Baraboo widow and great-grandmother, refused a smart meter in her home due to health and privacy concerns. Despite an extended dialogue with the utility company, her provider shut off her water for approximately four days before the Wisconsin Public Service Commission (PSC) stepped in.
“Fear” not, Rep. Jeremy Thiesfeldt will save you.
Last week I proposed the Smart Meter “Opt-Out” Bill. It empowers Wisconsin citizens with the personal liberty to opt-out of mandated smart meter installation … Although some meters in Wisconsin may not currently possess severely intrusive capabilities, many with these capabilities do exist and upgrades are not far behind.
With the understanding that what most Republicans say is actually projection, I truly do fear someday all of this is just a super majority away from actually happening. Of course they will have some justification for doing it, they always do, no matter how ridiculous. 

You might remember Thiesfeldt also wanted to dismantle local governments and schools through advanced payments into retirement health care coverage for employees, like the post office. The strain of such payments will force big cut backs of local communities or the elimination of public schools once and for all.


  1. This "column" will appear in the Fond du Lac Reporter in about 2 days. Just you wait... then it becomes "legitimized". His entire way of practicing politics.

  2. Such hatred for consumer freedom. Oh, my. The government-protected utilities are monopolies that show what is wrong with collectivism. Lawmakers should stand up for consumer rights - from both sides of the aisle. Not everyone agrees the devices are safe, nor agrees to allow obsessive collection of their usage data when analog meters worked fine for decades and cost a heck of a lot less, lasted 40+ years vs. 20-years for smart meter if you're lucky.
    Smart meters are a money drain. Smart grid is as stupid as it gets consider security risks. Opting out of this dubious system is a good idea. One more thought occurs: Women can choose to kill pre-born human life but people can't opt out of smart meters? Choice, you say? choice?

  3. Smart meters...human life? Bad comparison.

    "Pre-born human life" sounds as ridiculous as I hope you meant it.

    Developing human life, before viability is not life with rights. After, the fetus should be protected as much as possible with limitations to health and the mother. I know, this is deep stuff for you.

    The Bible said life started with our first breath...we count birthdays not inception days. Get a life.