Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Republican Infestation of the Capitol city knocked Madison off Kiplinger’s Personal Finance’s “hot towns” list!!!!

Now with the streaming hoards of conservatives filling our Capitol and eateries, not to mention tea party gun owners get bused into town by Americans for Prosperity, the 20’s retro feel here has completely wiped us off the list of “hot towns” in Kiplinger.
Cap Times-Mike Ivey: Madison isn’t on this latest list of “hot towns” but an unlikely neighbor on the other side of the Mississippi River made it.

Dubuque, Iowa is ranked No. 10 on the Kiplinger's Personal Finance new list of “10 Great Places to Live.”

It’s also interesting that so many college towns made the list but not Madison, which hasn’t shown up on as many “best places” lists as it did a decade ago. Perhaps the cost of living has gotten too high or the protests at the Capitol have cooled the town’s reputation for peace and tranquility.

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