Monday, July 15, 2013

Republicans Whine, "What, Millionaire Democratic Candidates for Office? Outrageous."

Democratic supporters have a lot to learn. It’s unfortunate it comes at a point we’re about to lose all the marbles.

Whether liberals like or don’t like the idea of Mary Burke running for governor, it would probably be wise to not shoot yourself in the foot with comments Republican losers can use against them? Criticism is okay, but come on.
“If the best that WISDEMS can come up with is Mary Burke, we’re screwed.” – Chris Liebenthal, Cognitive Dissidence, 07/09/13 “Burke is even less liked by the Democratic base in Wisconsin than Tom Barrett is.” – Daily Kos Blog, 07/05/13
The following line from the Republican Party of Wisconsin press release is gold for Democrats and liberal bloggers though.
“As Wisconsin Democrats recruit liberal Madison millionaire Mary Burke to run against Scott Walker…”
The first line should send a shiver though Ron Johnson’s spine…wait, Republicans loved the idea Johnson had millions. The same goes for Mitt Romney. In fact, Republicans had a nationwide campaign to recruit as many millionaires as possible. So how can they make the following statement?

They love double standards.

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  1. Republicans are shocked that a millionaire is Democratic.