Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Walker to innocently sign into law anything that comes his way to expand Act 10, but don't blame him.

Scott Walker can always point to the money saved by Act 10. That's the easy part. But it also ignores all of the unintended future consequences his attack on labor will end up producing later on, too numerous to mention.

The Natural Cancerous Growth of Act 10: Walker won't be happy until were all left with no actual way to live in retirement, an odd goal supported by conservatives everywhere. Benefits or no benefits, if government can save money now, who cares about the future lives of Wisconsinites? It's a national party dream that makes us all part of what I imagine to be a scene from The Road Warrior.   

Fox 6's Mike Lowe takes a look at Walker's next step: 

Act 10 limited most collective bargaining powers for most public employees. Police and fire unions were exempted from the reforms, but now, Gov. Scott Walker has suggested expanding Act 10 to include those unions.

“I think now, for those areas, having seen that the world didn’t come to an end for other municipal employees, there might be a greater opening going forward because they’d say, ‘hey, you know, things worked out,’” Gov. Walker said Monday, July 29th. Gov. Walker says he won’t propose the expansion of Act 10, but he would consider it if bills passed through the Legislature.

Gov. Walker repeated his assertion that he’s not out to destroy unions, saying “the unions that offer value will continue to see members,” both in the public and private sector.
Of course Walker milked all the value out of unions, so any decline in membership will be blamed on the unions, and not our anti-employee/anti-constituent governor.

But the Republican Party ploy of taking both sides of an issue, to either confuse their low information base or use in campaign ads disputing their actual position...whatever it is, gets the Walker treatment. From Blue Cheddar:
There was a story released by WUWM at 5:58 PM MON JULY 29 called Walker Says Collective Bargaining Limits Could Solve Other States’ Problems in which Walker says it might be time to expand Wisconsin Act 10 to public safety workers.

Then at 5AM today, Tuesday July 30, 2013, I ran into this:Walker Says He Won’t Push For Ending Collective Bargaining For Police Or Firefighters

Walker is either market testing another assault on worker rights, he got something printed to send to his severely right of center donors, or else he is just being his usual arrogant megalomaniac prick self.


  1. > Scott Walker can always point to the money saved by Act 10.

    And it's going to be very important in the gubernatorial campaign for progressives and Democratic Party campaigners to shoot that notion down vigorously. He sacrificed a billion dollars of the state's economy in order to fund his tax giveaways. Period. The guy uses sledgehammers to kill imaginary flies and then annoints himself Gov. Seven-in-One-Blow.

  2. An excellent way of framing the "saved" money. I hope to remember that and use it every time. Thanks.