Monday, July 22, 2013

Wisconsin Republican Party's Joe Fadness like Reince, filled with empty and condescending hot air; "liberal Madison activist." Ouch?

Fox 6 in Milwaukee has sent reporter Mike Lowe into the upcoming governors race where he turned up this look at how things are shaking out so far. This was done before Upfront with Mike Gousha's interview with Winnebago County Executive Mark Harris, who despite not having great screen presence, instills a massive amount of competence for the governors office (which works for me).

Former Commerce Secretary Mary Burke gets coverage here too, but really, I would much rather focus on Joe Fadness, the dufus from the Wisconsin Republican Party. If the following comment passes for actual criticism, conservative voters should be ashamed of themselves. THIS is real criticism?
Fadness: "Mary Burke is a liberal Madison activist who spent hundreds of thousands of dollars supporting Democrats, and now she's going to spend millions of dollars attacking Scott Walker!"
Hey, how about those conservative Madison activists in the Capitol telling the rest of the state what to do? Can Fadness really bad mouth Burke for spending money on Democrats after Republican millionaires like...Dumb Ron Johnson, James Sensenbrenner, Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney spent millions of their own money? Or how about Republican sugar daddies Sheldon Adelson, the Koch's, Bob Perry and Harold Simmons, who spent millions? The balls. Here's another:
Fadness: "I think the dysfunction of the Democrats is really coming to light right now, where you have these party bosses..."
No, Republicans have party bosses, Democrats have cats to herd. Here's Lowe's report:

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