Friday, July 19, 2013

Now Job Killing Taxes are “Good?” Republicans Flip Flop on Taxes, Praise Internet Tax they’ve Blocked for years.

Whatever is convenient I guess. With so many struggling Republican governors, isn't it an odd coincidence they're now interested in the online tax?

It took a while to find some “justification” to make a tax increase a good thing, even at the risk of offending Grover Norquist. Republicans are now on board with what is normally described as a job killing tax...on internet sales.

In Wisconsin, Republicans were sudden converts because they “justified” the increase by promising to lower personal state income taxes by the same amount. See, they cut taxes again folks…(whisper) by raising taxes. It's down the rabbit hole again.

But raising taxes kills jobs? Well, not anymore:
Reuters: Legislation to allow U.S. states to collect sales taxes on purchases made online is garnering support from both sides … with a leading conservative economist saying on Thursday the tax would foster growth and job creation. Arthur Laffer, a former chief economist at the White House Office of Management and Budget best known for the "Laffer Curve" relating tax rates and revenues, released a study estimating states will lose out on annual revenues of between $27 billion and $33 billion by 2022 without Internet sales taxes.
The following labored reason is almost (laff)able:

"All taxes are bad. Some are a lot worse than others. And governments need to collect the requisite revenues to carry out their functions," Laffer told reporters on a call.

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