Monday, July 22, 2013

We're all Doomed, Homes filled with Radiation from Cell Phones, Microwaves, Cordless Phones, Radio's, Smart Meters, WiFi,!!!

The dangers of radiation. Duck and cover...?

The newest scam that takes advantage of the rampant paranoia in society today, possibly drummed up by our right wing freakish neighbors, have a few people in a downright panic. Having been a real estate agent, home inspectors were always recommended, but building biology environmental consultants?

I had to pass along this silly, yet amazing CBS 58 report that could be a 1950's takeoff on modernized home technology. Cell phones might be the real threat here, but that's in another report below. First, be afraid, very afraid of the home building biology environmental consultant:

While you're thinking about how you ever survived your home, check out the latest cell phone research, and the dangers they could pose (personally, I'll play it safe on this one):

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