Saturday, July 20, 2013

Dumb Ron Johnson the Senate Numbers Guy? We're in Real Trouble Now.

Dumb Ron Johnson ran a horrible campaign filled with bad math and fictional facts. So now after two and a half years, people are now talking up Johnson as some kind of numbers guy? D.C. is hopeless.

Remember this classic Dumb Ron Johnson moment from a few weeks ago:
Roll Call: Johnson authored a long-term forecast that depicts the cumulative deficit growing from $7 trillion in the next decade to $107 trillion over the full 30-year period. 
Despite the silliness of 30 year projections, heck 10 years is impossible to predict, Johnson pushed a forecast filled with projection that assumed no improvements, no legislation, no new congress, no president and no mood of the country will ever change the way things are. Truth be told, thanks to Johnson, things are really more dysfunctional now.

Then Johnson made this jaw dropping assumption; that his paranoid predictions of disaster and crazy numbers are right, and everybody else doesn't get it, they're flat out...dumb?
Until you agree on the numbers, until you agree on the depth of the problem, until you describe it accurately, you’re not going to find solutions to the problem. 
Looks like we're not all like Chicken Little Ron Johnson. The country is going to hell, life saving health care for all is going to kill us, and we'll be bankrupt without Johnson's insistence we repeat the failed GOP free market solution. He's brilliant, our numbers guy.

When asked this question..."Many Democrats want to stimulate economic growth now and postpone deficit reduction until later. What do you think of that approach," Johnson answered by ignoring the CBO's numbers showing the stimulus worked, and a cheering Wall Street. In fact he would deregulate, get government out of the way, beyond the massively destructive policies of old:
Johnson: "Well, their definition of stimulus hasn't worked. The best way of stimulating the economy is trying to get government as much as possible out of the way. And I’m not opposed to government. But our government has gotten way too expansive, has gone so far over its enumerated powers and really what is healthy for a global economy."
Hate to correct Dumb Ron Johnson again, but the powers aren't all enumerated in the constitution, and the people can make government as big or small as it chooses.

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