Sunday, July 14, 2013

Hey Democrats, We're all Terrorist Now...

Gee, remember when Scott Walker and the Republican majority called the massive protests in Madison mob rule, not to mention union thuggery. They even made wild claims about Capitol vandalism? These lies worked wonders then, so why not now, but kicking it up a notch about the mining site.

Protesters are Terrorists: Conservatives don’t care about protesting because they have forced change through corrupting the political process with lots of money. Right now, their marketing efforts are focused on vilifying protesters as terrorists. From now until Walker’s reelection, the people of our state will need to be protected liberal terrorists.

Here's Rep. Scott Suder on Capitol City Sunday spreading rampant right wing rumors, speculating where the terrorism might go, and fabricating complete nonsense. He claims there's a terrorist camp training protesters...Ashland City Council member Kelly Westlund corrects Suder constantly. Westlund's edited comments are below as well, but here, I'm focusing on Suder's lunacy:

Walker Chimes right in: Democrats, liberals and progressives are all now considered outsiders, and have “no place in Wisconsin.” A small group of loud protesters at the iron mine site are getting pummeled in the media. That fact alone is stunning. But Scott Walker made it clear, protesting (extremists) in Wisconsin will not be tolerated:
Green Bay Gazette: Gov. Scott Walker says activities of protesters at the site of proposed iron ore mine near Lake Superior “has no place in Wisconsin.” Walker did not comment on the guards in his written statement. Walker decried protesters at the site as “extremists” who “should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.” It’s the protesters, not the camo dressed soldiers of fortune we should fear.
The old Fox News ploy “people say” gets the Walker treatment:
WRN: Governor Scott Walker (said), “I haven’t said this; others have called them ‘eco-terrorists’, but I think it’s not too far removed from that. These are people who came in and their intent was to cause fear. The irony is, the angst seems to be focused at the company and not at the people who came in masked like ninjas on personal property violating the law by trespassing in a place they have no right of being and physically accosting people … I can certainly understand the concern that a private business would have when you see the video of their employees not only being verbally abused, but in one case being physically attacked. There’s no place for that in the state of Wisconsin.”
The verbally abused need paramilitary protection? Not to mention the continued claim the constitution protects property. Death to those who damage property I guess. Here's Ashland City Council member Kelly Westlund's great response to Suder. Must see:

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