Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Right Wing Trolls make themselves look so smart....

Troll Craig Haught had a little time on his hands today, sitting around using one of those slave labor iPads, and left a few brilliant comments. Keep in mind, guys like this hate "name calling." Cross hairs or flag, Haught's contribution to the debate is featured right here for all to see:
Hi I visited your website and found it hilarious , same old demorat talking points . You're a douchebag. Your President and his cronies are the worst leaders of the modern era and the most racist to boot. Go fuck yourself if you aren't already.  


  1. Trouble is that the troll in this case is correct about Obama and the WI "D," bloggers largely will not break party loyalty to demand more progressive action from the Party and nor from their corporate fascist war criminal-in-chief. Walker does what he does because Obomba gets away with it, with "D-bot," blessings.

    Who was extra-judically targeted today? Edward Snowden? Pick a topic and I could likely find you a regressive conservative POV, action or position taken by Obomba. KXL?:


    How about the ACA?:


  2. I can understand your point, a position many other liberals have. I haven't taken that position. I'm not happy about the issues you've mentioned, but overall, it's not even a close equivalence.

    Another thing. I don't think Democrats espouse "party loyalty." We don't act like Republicans. Herding cats anyone.

  3. Thanks for your response, but my point is that hardly any one who supported the POTUS is willing to call him out for what his policies from day one, first term have actually been, complete corpo-fascist, security state, race to the labor bottom (transnational corporate authored, Obomba instigated and gleefully pursued in secret, Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement) transnational trade dealing and heightened suppression of press and government watch-dog (whistleblower) personalities. Everything that Walker and his cronies are doing, follows Obomba's lead, only in spades with the national treasury going to private bankers to the tune of $83B a month, also at taxpayer expense visa-vie WEDC.

    As I volunteered near 300 hours against Walker during the recall and I refused to work again with the local, state or national dems to re-elect Oilbomber, I am not certain if you were putting me into the specific group with your comment, "a position many other liberals have." I am not sure what political label that you see yourself as, but I am slow to assign political labels to anyone. Most labels have been corrupted through various public media to be meaningless.

    Local "D," gatekeepers, refused to discuss and continue to refuse to criticize or hold to account neither their POTUS nor to criticize publicly the State "R," legislators personally, for fear of saying something they might be themselves criticized for, and the DPW has adopted a state-wide strategy of not saying anything negative about individual "R," legislators as part of Tate's 72 county strategy to oust Walker (I still get most of the memos from having worked with the "D's" during the recall). DPW is nothing but top-down orders from national, no real ideas pertaining to the state, no taking of suggestions from their base, and not worth investing a dime of time in, if one cares about human rights and ordinary working people in this state.

    I agree with your assessment that comparisons between Walker and Obomba are not a close equivalence, but only in the actual amount of human and environmental devastation being wrecked upon us. Walker is limited to the State, Oilbomber has the whole world, but otherwise they are identical twins with their goals of enabling corporate fascism to reign supreme.

    I'd be surprised to see this type of discussion front paged anywhere in the blue or progressive or liberal state blog-o-shpere and not have it remain hidden in the seldom seen comment section.

    Go ahead, surprise me please.

    Having said all that, I do recognize and thank you for the work you must put in to host this blog.

  4. What we can agree on is the lack of liberal, progressive and Democratic activism and agenda. We're afraid of our own shadow, or afraid to to "offend" a Republican opponent, knowing we might need their help sometime in other legislation. But to the public like you and me, that's unacceptable.

    My heart and mind are with you, but I have to fight through this maze without throwing up road blocks that may avoid possible future avenues of progress.

    Your challenge is noted, and we'll see. As for political labels, who cares right? As long as we keep fighting, you in your way, me in mine, we've got a chance. That's all we can hope for.

    Like your comments by the way, whether I reply or not.