Sunday, July 14, 2013

Wisconsin's Turning Point: Walker and Republicans market Idea Protesters are Terrorists, media buying into it.

It's odd how a small protest in northern Wisconsin has been met with such a major assault by state Republicans and media lackeys.

I'm working on video clips that show the strong push by state Republicans to tap down free speech and the First Amendment by redefining it as terrorism. This only applies of course to their political opposition, and not conservative armed civilians or paramilitary security groups willing to kill people to protect "freedom" and "property." Through "stand your ground" laws, we have made the destruction of property (usually covered by insurance) a penalty punishable by death.

Call it a turbulent 60's do-over, a conservative quest to right the wrongs of history's social upheaval that brought so much progress and change.

More to come....just be aware the message from the right wing is all about our left wing home grown "terrorists," and that would basically be your neighbor or friend, who just might oppose the "Walker Authority."

That's what I've been describing as a statewide movement to one party authoritarian rule, an amazing phenomenon the public appears to be willing to settle for if Walker's public opinion numbers are any indication.  

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