Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Another Concealed Carry Permit Holder Shoots Someone.

Law abiding concealed carry gun owners? They’re all so responsible, right? 

Here’s another reason why making gun ownership easy for everybody is not making society safer, which I believe is a violation of the Constitution.
Oak Creek Patch: A Milwaukee man faces charges after he told police he accidentally shot his cousin during a barbecue at an Oak Creek mobile park, FOX6 reports. Brandon Kronquist, 26, was charged Monday … his family were grilling food on Wednesday, and before they sat down to eat he tried to pull a firearm — which he has a concealed weapons permit for, from his pocket to place on top of a refrigerator. He said he attempted to pull it in a “quick draw” fashion as a joke, but it accidentally fired and hit his cousin in the back, according to FOX6. 

It’s just a fluke? The truth is, common place use of guns is a whole lot different than common place use of knives or perimeter lights to deter criminals. Ya think?

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