Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Chancellor Blank already enemy of Rep. Steve Nass!!! Blank's husband ultraconservative fellow at Hudson Institute, the enemy of Climate Change and Obamacare.

Who would have thunk? Liberal Chancellor Rebecca Blank, already getting heat from enemy of an educated public, Rep. Steve Nass, comes loaded with one big piece of baggage:
Cap Times: Incoming UW-Madison Chacellor Blank is a veteran of the Clinton administration who was tabbed by the President Barack Obama to run the U.S. Commerce Department.
The big but….
Her husband, Hanns Kuttner, is a conservative who spent more than a year writing a column for the National Review knocking Obama’s signature achievement, health care reform. Health care reform, he writes in January of 2011, “unless repealed and replaced, will cost jobs.” That’s right, the first hubby of the reputedly liberal UW-Madison is a conservative. Kuttner is currently a fellow at the Hudson Institute, a think tank funded by the likes of Koch Family Foundations, which spins climate change as a boon to mankind and is described by the conservative Institute for Policy Studies as “part of a closely-knit group of neoconservative policy institutes that champion aggressive, Israel-centric U.S. foreign policies.”
He also may have helped give Republicans reasons to boot WiscNet from the UW. I wonder Blank's arrival had anything to do with the UW dropping WiscNet and giving in so easily:
Kuttner has spent recent months championing the market benefits of expanding telecommunications in rural areas in the form of “telehealth” medical services, distance learning and commerce, with an emphasis on telecommunications profits.
Getting back to Blank and Nass, would it be any surprise Rep. Nass is still ripping the UW for having a rainy day fund? Or that that account completely ruined the UW's trustworthyness? Of course it did...forever as far as Nass is concerned. The tuition freeze may make Nass feel good, but as a business move for the state's prestigious flagship university, it's a killer. From WISC's Jessica Arp:

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