Sunday, July 21, 2013

Possible Democratic Gov Candidate Mark Harris knows Numbers, exposes Republican budgeting Flaws.

At long last, a former accountant who actually knows numbers and has been in the banking business (unlike Dumb Ron Johnson and Dale Kooyenga). He may be running as a Democratic candidate for governor, and I welcome the debate. Winnebago County Executive Mark Harris in one fell swoop spills the beans on the budget fiasco's passed by our Republican pirates and signed into law by Scott Walker.

I really like this guy because he's practical and thinks long term. Harris rattled off a lot of numbers and made it understandable. After Scott Walker, a sociopathic ideologue, I'm willing to jump at anything that sounds smart, adult, and less vengeful. Harris doesn't doesn't seem to be courting low information voters to win elections. My conservative friend in Milwaukee called and is completely unaware of the administrations borrowing and business tax cuts that'll be coming home to roost.

Great interview, again, from Upfront with Mike Gousha. In this clip, Harris explains how off base Walker's budgeting and tax cuts have been. He points out they're all geared for short term benefits (election cycles I would imagine) (worth seeing the whole clip at above link):

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