Friday, July 19, 2013

Hypocrites! Now “inaccurate” monthly labor statistics are wonderful, great and another Walker Success Story.

Republicans love those hospitality low wage summer jobs!!!

My god will the press ever accurately put in perspective the upside down, flip flopping rhetoric of the Republican Party in this state. If we let them get away bragging up numbers they normally trash as wrong, voters will incorrectly believe this administration’s policies are working. And that means another term for our “divide and conquer” governor Scott Walker. From the Institute for Wisconsin's Future, this reminder often sighted by Walker: 
These newest numbers are from the monthly Current Employment Statistics. They are acknowledged across the political spectrum as being less reliable than the Quarterly Census of Employment & Wages.
Just one of a flurry of Republican press releases, Rep. John Spiro forgot all about all the past, lousy monthly reports we were told not to believe:

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports Wisconsin had its biggest monthly jobs gain since 1992. The report indicates the state gained approximately 17,500 jobs during this time period. “The Wisconsin Legislature has chosen to invest in Wisconsin; to encourage business expansion, entrepreneurs and help our farmers and this report shows these measures are working. Obviously these are just preliminary estimates, but I am optimistic that Wisconsin will keep moving forward.” 
 IWF's  Jack Norman wrote a more accurate assessment:
The good news: Wisconsin had a June jobs surge, a boost from May of 13,800 private sector jobs. State officials rightfully called it the largest month-to-month gain in nearly a decade.

The bad news: Most of the growth—7,200 jobs—was in the “leisure and hospitality”sector, where average weekly pay was only $284 last year. That’s barely one-third the overall average wage in Wisconsin of $803 … the perspective of the state’s bankers. “The economy seems to have reached a plateau,” said the president of the Wisconsin Bankers Association, the day before the jobs numbers came out. “The state economy [is] flat.” 

Conclusion: It’s a hollow claim of good news, because most of the growth was in the lowest paid sector of the economy. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel quoted an economist saying, “Low-quality jobs are better than no jobs.” That may be true for the Walker administration’s boasts, but it’s a terrible way to grow an economy.

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