Sunday, July 14, 2013

Concealed Carry Owners Shoot it Out all over City. We're now safer with new law?

My conservative friend called me and told me how mad he was two concealed carry owners had a very public shootout. He said it makes them all look bad.

I told him it’s not just the dangerous shootout, but the now casual way people are using weapons, and the ease at which they think they can do this kind of stuff. We've opened a Pandora’s Box.

With “stand your ground” laws that make it justifiable for a fun toting aggressor to shoot their victim because that victim decide to fight back (Travon Martin), no one is safe anymore from a supposedly perfectly legal and “responsible” gun owner. Right now, we’re all sitting ducks.
jsonline: Two Milwaukee men — each with a state permit to carry a concealed weapon — traded dozens of shots in a rolling shootout through two sides of town and down a freeway, the kind of scenario concealed-carry opponents feared would turn road rage incidents deadly.

Eric Adamany, 27 (one of the shooters) estimated people in the other vehicle fired 50 to 100 rounds at his car.

The gunfight is bound to spark more debate over concealed carry.
Pointing out the new mindset we’re seeing with gun violence:
Mayor Tom Barrett said "This has always been one of my concerns (with the concealed-carry law) — that things like road rage could turn out like the wild, wild West," he said. "Here we are."
But hey, actual concealed carry owners would never do that, unless of course only the irresponsible ones do it. That's what gun nut Nik Clark says:
Nik Clark, president of Wisconsin Carry Inc., a gun rights advocacy group, said both Adamany and Scott's actions fell well outside of any kind of responsible gun owner training.
Ya think:
But he also said their irresponsible gun use is outweighed by at least five instances … "The fact that we now have a single instance where a CCL holder may have broken the law (and will certainly lose their right to carry as a result) doesn't change the reality that concealed carry works," Clark said.
Oh but carry doesn't work. Unless of course, losers like Nik Clark continue to downplay the significance of this development with contradictory excuses and lies. It wasn't the only case:
In another recent case, a concealed-carry license holder was charged in a shooting … the two men got into a fight after visiting taverns together … told police he fired when he feared Banks was about to attack him again.

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