Sunday, July 28, 2013

Dumb Ron Johnson still doesn't know Union Members pay Taxes too.

Dumb Ron Johnson would have you believe corporate cash is a wonderful influence on our elections, but look out for union money. A flustered Johnson is so tied up in a knot over union representation, that he doesn't know dues paying union employees are actual tax payers too. They even live, breath and spend money locally. Here he talks about pensions...
Johnson: "...these are benefits you were pointing out had been negotiated between politicians and unions. And unions are pouring dues in, to elect those very same politicians that sit across from them at the bargaining table. Where's the taxpayer in that equation? 

The taxpayer doesn't exist so again, what ends up happening is  you get are these labor agreements agreed to by politicians, elected by the unions, and the fact of the matter...the taxpayer can't afford them."
Where's the taxpayer in the equation when private business pours millions into campaigns to steer government their way? They're not. Earth to Dumb Ron Johnson, union members are TAXPAYERS.

Hell, even in Citizens United, the conservative court gave equal standing to businesses and unions to spend lots of money. Johnson remembers only one part of that decision.

Does this guy make us all feel a whole lot smarter after watching him stumble and stammer his way through an interview? Again, great stuff from Upfront with Mike Gousha:

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