Friday, July 26, 2013

Walker and Jindal on ObamaCare: Opinion Wrapped in Utter Lies!

Did Scott Walker and Bobby Jindal just bash business?

I’m talking about ultrasound Governor Scott Walker and school privatization failure Governor Bobby Jindal’s Wall Street Journalopinion piece today. Wow, if they meant to talk up business, and the value of the insurance industry in health care, something went terribly wrong in the translation.
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In fact, they made my argument for a single payer system. How could you come to any other conclusion after Walker and Jindal describe how business is doing everything they can to game the system and retaliate against their employees?

After reading “Unworkable ObamaCare,” health care for humans appears to be the last thing on their minds; boohoo to poor business interests who will do anything to screw their workers.

Throughout the commentary, business comes across as ruthless, conniving, and unappreciative of the people who help them stay in business, their employees, as anyone could. 

This is the GOP's summer Obamacare take-down strategy for August. Transparent and disciplined. Walker and Jindal don’t see anything hideous in the way business has decided to trash Americans working for them. Sick stuff. Below, my response is first, their dumb-ass fictions follow: 
Wrong, offering nothing to back it up: “Obama famously promised that if you like your health-care plan, you'll be able to keep your health-care plan? It was a brilliantly crafted political sound bite. Turns out, the statement is untrue.”

Wrong, GOP trying to derail Obamacare: “states across the country, whether red or blue, have spent countless hours and incalculable dollars trying to keep the ObamaCare train on its track, but the wreck is coming.”

Wrong, GOP Gov’s turned exchanges down due to mistrust: “If the experience of those working with the ObamaCare implementation at the state level had been taken into account, progress might have been possible, but the administration has treated states with mistrust.”

Wrong, Walker’s own plan offers even greater uncertaintly: “Adding to this mounting problem … grave uncertainty that surrounds this law.”

Wrong, CBO didn’t say this or mean Obamacare caused losses: “Congressional Budget Office reported that seven million Americans will lose their employer-based health insurance as a result of ObamaCare.”  

Wrong, 40 hour work week not affected, part time increased before Obamacare: “also destroy the 40-hour workweek that is the backbone of the American middle class.”

Wrong, delay due to business foot dragging, and individual marketplace unaffected: “recognizing that ObamaCare is a ticking bomb, the day of reckoning for businesses is put off, but not for everyday citizens.”

Wrong, rest of industrialize countries have one-size-fits-all national health plan: “We also know that a one-size-fits-all approach like ObamaCare simply doesn't work. It only creates new problems and inequalities.”

Wrong, Obamacare put in place to slow rising unaffordable premiums, which is nothing new: “Health-care premiums are going up.”

Wrong and mean spirited, Walker and Jindal brag how business is gaming system…because that’s what they do. How nice: “Those businesses that are hiring often take on part-time workers to stay under the full-time cap. Older individuals seeking work are finding that companies are reluctant to take a chance on their potential health-care costs.”

Wrong, health care proposed since Nixon, Obamacare similar to Ryan’s plan. This whole opinion piece is designed to assign blame to Obama, despite their destructive efforts:“…wasn't thought through before it was rushed into law. No wonder we hear that the Obama attack machine is gearing up to blame everyone but the law itself for the chaos that lies ahead.”

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