Friday, July 19, 2013

Former Republican Senate Candidate Wall offers to Buy State Property..."Sharks are already in the water," says Democratic Rep. Jon Richards.

I always had a nagging feeling that Scott Walker knew just what he wanted to sell off when it came to state property. He now has a chance to hold his bizarre government garage sale.

We may have a clue to some of those properties and the mindset conservatives have about selling them. Essentially, our most wealthy elite will own our stuff. Sound like the nation envisioned by the founding fathers? Didn't think so.
AP: One of Wisconsin's largest real estate developers wrote to Gov. Scott Walker to express his interest in buying several prominent state office buildings at the same time the Legislature was considering doing away with competitive bidding for such sales, according to newly released records. Terrence Wall offered his cellphone number in the letter, urging that the "appropriate person" call him to discuss possible deals for properties including the state crime lab … Wall sent the letter on June 10. 

Rep. Jon Richards, a member of the budget committee who opposed the provision, said the letter demonstrates concerns he raised; "The sharks are already in the water," Richards said. "I'm not surprised at all."

Republican Sen. Glenn Grothman, a budget committee member, said the intent was to get rid of surplus and unwanted property, not the ones identified by Wall. But Rep. John Nygren, co-chairman of the Legislature's budget committee, said lawmakers would seriously consider any proposal.

Wall said he supported the sale of public property because "it puts properties back on the table and spurs the creation of new developments offering an additional tax base." He also said many of the properties are surplus and not needed by the state. Also, he said many state buildings are "functionally obsolete" but could be redeveloped into "new private sector properties creating new jobs."

Wall indicated he was interested in buying the property that houses the Department of Transportation office building in Madison and the nearby state crime lab, which also houses other state offices. Other properties in which he expressed interest include the nearly 150,000-square-foot central services building on the east side of Madison, home to the state's motor vehicle pool, printing and mail services; and the DOA building along the shores of Lake Monona a couple blocks from the Capitol, which Wall said could be leased back to the state after he buys it. Wall said he would also be interested in other properties but didn't offer specfics.

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