Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Dumb Ron Johnson teaches us how to parent and talk our kids out of going on to school. Because we never talk to our kids, right?

This is so condescending to parents (I happen to be one myself), that I'm almost speechless.

Dumb Ron Johnson has the balls to insist he's knows better than all parents. Our Senate Republican control freak has decided to take us to the shed for encouraging our kids to go to college and "denigrating the trades." Who's done that? Any names, any neighbors you know?

Yeah, college isn't "a good system...it's not working for anyone," is it? And the crippling high cost of education? Instead of convincing kids going to college will strap them with crushing debt, why not make it more affordable? Like your fellow Sen. Elizabeth Warren has said, it's outrageous this country has decided to make billions off the interest on student loans?

This guy is an asshole, and I say that as one parent to another:

WRN audio: Johnson: “They can go to technical colleges; they can potentially work until they actually know what they want to do rather than just tell everybody they have to get a college degree when they’re either not ready for it, or they don’t know what they really want to do, and taking six years and incurring tens of thousands of dollars of student loan debt. That’s not a good system. The status quo is not working for anybody. You know, it is a shame. Because we’re telling all of our children you have to get a four-year college degree … we are inferring that unless you get a college degree, you’re somehow a second-class citizen. We denigrate the trades.”
Really, who's doing that?  Who's this "we're" you're talking about?
Johnson: "We're conveying the idea that boy, to be a plumber, electrician or construction worker, well that's just not a good way to realize your full human potential. I just think that's totally wrong thinking."
It would be "wrong thinking" if that were really true...but not true, it doesn't happen. It's a wholly fictional scenario made up to make an argument based on fantasy, and we have to make Johnson and the others stop this con now.
Johnson: "So, you've really got to think through what is the best path for you as an individual in order to determine that best path, you really need the full range of options. You need that information, and we should convey that information to our young people."
Thank you Dumb Ron Johnson, for telling us what we already know, as if it's another one of your brilliant ideas. And by the way Ron, what other Wisconsin senator has been in office less than a year and has already sponsored a jobs bill, one of which you are "cosponsoring" you lazy freeloader?

NOTE: Johnson, like most Republicans, likes to blame low student interest rates for tuition increases. Another fiction. Republicans never mention how much they hate public colleges, and how they are continuing to cut their funding dramatically. Sorry, we weren't fooled.


  1. It is actually dumb Ron Johnson who is doing the inferring, since he clearly does not know the difference between infer and imply. He infers from the conversation about the high cost of college that Elizabeth Warren denigrates the trades. No one has implied that. Rather, I infer from his comments that he is an uneducated boob who does not deserve to be a U.S. Senator. What a mistake Wisconsin made, when it voted out Russ Feingold for this guy.

  2. Great point. It really is an amazing shame this guy got in. I still can't except that reality. That's why I never refer to his political status, and had to come up with "Dumb" instead, because he doesn't deserve the title.