Sunday, July 21, 2013

Walker’s Act 10 offers Workers choice? Big Choice when Union services Removed.

Maybe conservative voters are that stupid.

Apparently they believe Scott Walker’s convoluted attack on unions, Act 10, wasn't intentional, ideological and removed so many services for members that what was the point of the union.
jsonline's Dan Bice: In 2010, the year that Walker was elected governor,  AFSCME District Council 48 enrolled more than 9,000 workers and reporting income exceeding $7 million. By the end of 2012, District Council 48 was down to just under 3,500 … it is now more than $650,000 in the red
Unions lost their value once they barred from providing services:
Walker said he was not surprised by the numbers. "We were trying to empower workers and give them a choice. If workers saw value out of their union, then they have every right to stay put. But if they didn't, they could make that choice." Walker rejected any suggestion that he had effectively handicapped the once-powerful labor groups with his legislation.
   "Absolutely disingenuous," said Paul Secunda, an associate professor at Marquette University Law School … Act 10 was part of an orchestrated effort to undermine public employee unions … Walker's plan contains such punitive measures as requiring unions to recertify annually and barring employees from paying their union dues through payroll deductions … the governor reduced the importance of these unions by prohibiting collective bargaining on anything but wage increases — and then only up to the rate of inflation.

Pretty easy to figure out? Not for Walker or his loyal thugs who are just giving people "choice."


  1. It's the same BS Scotty says when he claims cutting people off of BadgerCare is "freeing them from government dependence." Truly Orwellian lies by the people in charge.

    You can see the strategy here. Make workers so destitute they are forced to take the crumbs the owners choose to give them, and make them give up their union died because they need the money to pay the bills after having $300 a month taken out of their pockets due to Act 10.

    At the same time, cut taxes of the rich, and have the rich and corporate use their extra funds to give you campaign contributions. Truly sinister, oligarchical politics.

  2. The strategy is something Democrats have really got to start pounding on, because I think voters will get it. This one hits them in the stomach. Even once they're aware of it, but totally not convinced, they'll soon find out.