Friday, July 5, 2013

Walker's promise of Voucher School Accountability ignores their Current Dismal Performance Record.

Am I hallucinating, or did Scott Walker just ignore 20 years of voucher history when he claimed expansion should be dependent on a private schools success or failure rate?

Missed by the press and bumbling Democrats, we already have records that show voucher schools have failed to keep up with public schools, and at best, have done no better (averaged out). And those higher graduation rates can’t be believed because voucher schools get credit for a student’s graduation even if they went back to a public school.

Again, we already have the research, and it's not good for voucher schools, period:
Northwestern: Gov. Scott Walker said this week that future expansion of a new statewide voucher program should be based on whether students perform at least as well at voucher schools than they did in public school.

Republican lawmakers say work on an accountability bill is underway, but Democrats say they’re not convinced the GOP’s talk about accountability will translate into real action.

Will Democrats allow Republicans and Walker a complete do over, a second chance, when we already know the results? This is really bad politics and bad policy by weak kneed Democrats who really should be outraged.  Democrats have chosen instead to play along with this Walker con game. 

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Jake formerly of the LP said...

Actually all this does is encourage massive cheating, as we've seen with Michelle Ehee in DC and in the many convictions in Atlanta.

Funny, I thought the voucher schools didnt want all their data to be available for people to see. So how do we find out how they scored? Sounds like empty talk from Scotty, given that he vetoed a measure and restricted voucher school transparency even more.

Such a scam