Wednesday, July 3, 2013

State Superintendent Evers to implement Statewide Vouchers, despite Opposition to plan, unlike continuing Republican Tantrum over Obamacare.

If State Schools Superintendent Tony Evers (non-partisan) had an "R" next to his name, he would not be implementing the expansion of vouchers statewide, and certainly not do anything to inform district leaders about the process. That's the kind of obstruction we're seeing play out over Obamacare, despite the help Republicans got from Democrats when it came to fine tuning Medicare Part D's many problems. 

But he’s not a Republican, so….
WPR: Despite Evers's position on the new legislation, the Department of Public Instruction will have to implement that expansion, and administer the lottery to select 500 students for the next year and 1,000 after that. Evers says that will not happen without some hiccups. "We're dealing with schools all across the state who have never dealt with the choice [voucher] program. We just need to get out the facts to people and make sure they have the information they need to make the decisions about joining the program. 

The divisiveness doesn't help our kids, or our state. Now, all sides of this debate spent enormous amounts of time and money obsessing about which system is better, instead of obsession about improving lives of all children, regardless of the system."

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