Monday, June 2, 2014

Republicans bypass Supreme Court to decide for themselves what is or isn't constitutional in John Doe 2.

John Doe 2 is getting more press, thanks to Scott Walker and idiots like David Blaska who think they're above the law.

One Wisconsin Now's Scot Ross couldn't have been clearer this weekend on WKOW's Capitol City Sunday when it came to John Doe 2; Scott Walker's got something to hide.

The other big revelation; conservative loons like blustery David Blaska and Vicki McKenna are under the impression they have the power to declare laws they don't like to be unconstitutional. Like conservative Judge Rudolph Randa's own decision, this is "law" under a Republican authority, it's whatever they think is constitutional at the time.

David Blaska, a former press secretary for a Republican governor and county board supervisor, embarrassed himself again as he incoherently mumbles responses and rambles on about what he thinks is and isn't him. Let the people decide, he says, why have any laws?

This is real deregulation. Ranting lunatics like Blaska are a dime-a-dozen on the right. Ross stuck to the topic, while Blaska decided to circumvent even the high court of the land with his own lofty opinion. And this guy is a regular guest on public radio as an GOP authority. Maybe that's a good thing.

The total disregard for law says a whole lot about the leaders in conservative media and the suckers that believe this crap:


GeoffT said...

A huge point is raised by Scott Ross at 5:25:

"If they would like to communicate in that way with a campaign then they should file as a PAC, they should pay taxes, they should disclose their donors and they should follow all the rules that were in place before they violated them."

Wisconsin Club for Growth and friends want taxpayers to subsidize their campaign ads for RWNJ's.

Anonymous said...

Blaska will always agree with tea party, pro - Walker policies. WI is economically suffering and main street here, who play by the rules, lose. Blaska could care less if Veterans are kicked off Badgercare, if businesses all over the city and suburbs are going out of business, or if Walker has the worst job creation record of any recent Governor. Facts don't concern Blaska. Right wing money keeping him fat, happy and blogging is all that matters.
McKenna is such a tool I can't even acknowledge her rants.

Gareth said...

Blaska is well past his sell-buy date. I urge him to speak for the Republican party as often as possible. He is perhaps the most incompetent journalist ever to work in Madison - yes even worse than Chris Rickert - which explains why he is so ill prepared for debate. Maybe it's the booze. His incoherence only plays well with Baggers who think logic is the Devil's tool. He is at his best when smearing people who are unable to respond.