Thursday, June 12, 2014

As Advertised by GOP, Public Hates ObamaCare, but Loves Health Care Reform. Who cares, Republicans will repeal it anyway.

I’m fascinated by the debate over repealing ObamaCare. It’s a phony argument that intentionally ignores the power of advertising.

The Republican media machine is great at marketing opposition to anything they target, like ObamaCare, and use that ginned up anger as a way to prove they’re right. All it shows is that advertising works.

But public support for the elements of ObamaCare, and the high approval ratings of state exchanges not called “ObamaCare,” prove Democrats have the high ground on health care.

Republicans will still repeal the Affordable Care Act, despite all this, because they think they hold the "moral high ground" and know better than the rabble. Our freedom and liberty only goes so far.

So the debate over the repeal of ObamaCare is really just a marketing campaign to justify their eventual actions.

Waste of time but what the heck: The following poll backs me up, but really in the big picture, so what:
WaPo-Greg Sargent: …foes like to claim polls (that support ObamaCare) are problematic because they offer a choice between “fixing” and “repealing” the law. This, they say, biases responses in favor of “fix,” because people like fixing things, and at any rate, Obamacare can’t be fixed by definition. So this new Bloomberg News poll will pose an additional problem to those who simply refuse to accept … reality. 

What is your opinion of the health care law?It should be repealed: 32%

It may need small modifications, but we should see how it works: 56%

It should be left alone: 10%
Again, so what:
66% support giving the law a chance to work with possible small modifications or leaving it alone. The poll also finds that 39 percent support the law, while 11 percent oppose it because it did not go far enough … a total of 50% versus 42 percent who oppose the law because it went too far.
It doesn't matter because Republicans will repeal ObamaCare anyway, which they've been very upfront about that, but it's still good to know these things as a historical side note after the collapse.

I’m just posting this now so I can say later on; I told you so. 

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