Saturday, June 21, 2014

Another Walker Lie on National Television. Fox News willing Dupe.

It really is just amazing how "stand with Walker" loyalists are willing to believe anything from this known liar and manipulator. My god at least question something, anything:

PolitiFact: Walker said the secret John Doe criminal investigation of his campaign has been "resolved" and two judges have said it is "over."

His characterization is misleading at best. The investigation has been stopped, for now, under one judge’s ruling. But the second ruling, while a serious blow, did not end the probe, and in any event prosecutors have appealed the two rulings Walker mentioned.

We rate Walker’s statement False.

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  1. Walker should listen to Norman Goldman's legal analysis of what is going on in Wisconsin and the courts... it is far from over.

    Norm Goldman gives us his legal analysis on what's going on in Wisconsin Scott Walker John Doe Case …

    He explains the process and that it was the Koch shyster lawyers that attempted to stop the prob by filing a counter suit against the investigation in an attempt to stop it. it was only stopped in the lower court by a Judge in bed with the Kochs... and, Walker is going to be indited from what I gathered