Friday, June 13, 2014

The Nightmare of Big Government nothing more than a Right Wing Dream, not Reality. Like ObamaCare.

It should be noted whenever possible the absolute failure of Republicans to predict the failures of ObamaCare!

They never correct their miscalculations, they just forget them. They get the mileage they want by predicting their false realities, and move on. With new predictions of an Obama imperial presidency and the government takeover of our school lunches, their breathless panicky voters will never no the truth. So here's another truth emerging from the fog of right wing talk:
One of the many, many, many predictions of Obamacare failure made by conservatives is that insurance companies would systematically drop out of the exchanges. They made this prediction manymanymanymany,many times. The data is starting to come in and, guess what, insurance companies are joining the exchanges. Dan Diamond reports that, in every state that has reported information so far, the number of insurance companies competing in the exchanges will expand in year two. 


  1. You better go back and read those articles you posted a little closer because hundreds of thousands of people have been dropped and rates have increased across the board.

    From the first one...

    "In California, Anthem Blue Cross, Kaiser Permanente and Blue Shield accounted for 87 percent of the insurance market in 2011, according to the Los Angeles Times, which cited Citigroup data. Instead of encouraging other players to challenge this dominance, two other insurers which controlled seven percent of the market - Aetna and UnitedHealth - have said they were pulling out of California. Together, their decisions leave nearly 60,000 Californians in the lurch."

    But who cares about insurance companies?

    The government does not create competition because it is inefficient and has endless resources backed by infinite money printing. That is about to end tragically for most people.

  2. Insurance companies should love Obamacare. They get a guaranteed 20% profit and payments from the federal government in the form of subsidies. They also got a law requiring everyone to buy their product. On top of that, the government is going to cover any losses at least for this year if for some reason they did not set their rates high enough. No the people that are being screwed by Obamacare are those that actually pay income taxes. They are most likely going to be the ones subsidizing the lower income welfare people and so indirectly this is simply a transfer of wealth from the taxpayers to the insurance executives. Well done Obamacare.

  3. And this "free market" encourages competition? Ah, that's why we have these big regional insurers and across the board high rates everywhere. Government didn't chase out those other two insurers, competition did.

    You're link and story is biased and manipulative, old too. What it warns of is not what's happening. But you wouldn't have noticed because that requires changing your talking points and learning.

    I'm not a fan of the Affordable Care Act because it does guarantee money to insurers. Get them out of the business with single payer.

    And taxes on those who can pay them to support health care for all is normal, done by every other industrialized country. Their taxes don't go to poor people, they go to everybody.

    One last thing, those of us who are responsible with insurance coverage are paying much higher premiums to pay for the uninsured and state based high risk pools, you know, where they put sick people so insures can make money. We're not the rich being taxed, and we can't afford subsidizing the private sector insurers.

    You people are bankrupt. What a sad life.

  4. Us people? That's funny.

    If this was really a "free market," no one would be required to purchase insurance.

    Yeah there is no bias on this blogsite. Nope none at all. As if you know what you are talking about, your opinion is not the same as factual.

    Clearly, many thousands have been dropped from their health insurance plans and are thus forced into state exchanges. Do you have evidence to dispute this? Because I have heard from many personally that have been dropped here in California.

    The problem with single payer is that it is simply unaffordable in this country at this time. They have added some 30-40 million more patients with Obamacare and no doctors. Of course, healthcare is going to be rationed! Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security are way underfunded and at a time when the largest generation (boomers) are beginning to retire, and the millenials are burdened with high student loan debt and an economy with few jobs. Or have you not checked the debt clock lately?

    As for industrialized countries, I can only assume you are referring to Canada (only 35 million people and not nearly the entitlement mentality that has taken over America), or the UK, (where they are beginning to privatize NHS because their politicians have bankrupted them financially), or France, which had to join the EU just to continue financing their deficits.

    As for my insurance, yes I pay much higher premiums now (almost 100% more) thanks to the unaffordable no care act, voted on by democrats, voted into office by democrats (like you) and signed by a democrat (whom I'm sure you voted for), and maybe its about high time everyone learns a little personal responsibility for a change rather than relying on big brother to take care of you. Progressives have had their entitlement mentality way for a long time now. Perhaps they should have tried to pay for it before it got to this point. But ever fiat currency goes back to its intrinsic value....ZERO. This time will be no different.

    If you want to see what the financial bankruptcy of the largest debtor nation in the HISTORY of the world looks like, stick around. If you want to see moral bankruptcy, you need only look in a mirror.

  5. And sorry but I couldn't find an article that was written today to refute your false claims which most intelligent people with common sense figured out several years ago.

    I'll try harder next time.

  6. I'm always amused when I'm accused of not knowing anything about health care, while you spout anecdotal stories from fellow conservatives about their nightmare experiences.

    I know lots, having been in the individual market for over 20 years.
    Those who were dropped can now get better insurance at a cheaper rate, if only they were smart enough to try.

    Company plans change all the time, cost go up for employees, insurers and doctors change, people lose their coverage, people get priced out of their current insurer and have to get a new plan with a new doctor. That's life, that's what I've experienced for over 20 years, and you're just finding out about it. With change your dumb ass friend better adapt.

    And spoken like a true conservative freeloader, I'm not surprised you don't have the common sense or responsibility to get insurance unless it's mandated.

    Search my site for all Obamacare and Affordable Care Act stories, you might learn something.

    But I doubt it.

  7. Wow are you ever disconnected and know nothing about me. Listen and perhaps you might learn something.

    Your insults only prove what I have been saying for years and what most liberals do and that's exemplify what children they still are because they refuse to grow up and take responsibility for themselves while demonstrating to their own community how to empower themselves rather than just vent and complain on a blog somewhere.

    You know nothing about me. I have had insurance my entire life and have dutifully paid for it because I know it could bankrupt me without it.

    I pay taxes, bring money into America (unlike obama who just gives it away) and work for a living so don't accuse someone of being a freeloader. What is your measure of this?

    Yes I hope my friend will adapt as insurance is somewhat of a scam if you take responsibility for your own life, learn about nutrition and work at maintaining a healthy lifestyle. But if he doesn't that is his choice.

    How many successful obamacare stories will it take to financially ruin everyone else in this country?

    And what is your measure of "better insurance" and "smart enough?". Just curious.

    1. You didn't refute John's points. You just cried like a kid who was told there is no Santa Claus.

      This battle's over in the above-ground world, and more people in this country are better off because of Obamacare. Deal with it

  8. What script do you guys copy and paste this stuff from? I don't want to know anything about you. You're no one special, a working stiff like everyone else, with an inflated image of yourself. Nutrition and healthy lifestyle many times don't stop cancer or heart problems, genetics. Yes, why don't you save up so you can pay for your own health care. "His choice" affects us all in higher costs for insurance.

    Better insurance means broad cover and free health checkups. No caps, and a reduction of family bankruptcies. Smart enough means you think past talking points, and try it out, learn which many of these horrified people end of doing with the help of the press.

    I would love it if every conservative lived out their fantasy without costing me a dime or moment of conscience. But as a country were obligated to help even people like you out when you fail.