Thursday, June 19, 2014

Pregnant Doctor harangued by Republican Rep. over Maternity Mandate in ObamaCare, Proves he doesn't know how insurance actually works. And we should Trust these guys with Health Care Reform?

One thing about Republicans, once they get what they want in life, they could care less about anyone else. I've seen it over and over. They got their due. 

I would compare it to no longer having a kid in school, where our obligation to provide for future generations doesn't end with their graduation. The same is true for spreading the high cost of child birth to everyone in society, we owe it to future generations, and it's how insurance works. 

Showing their ignorance of insurance, and a lack of any social responsibility, Republicans have been fuming over ObamaCare's requirement to provide maternity care to everyone, even childless couples. 

This disgusting display of arrogance and stupidity is made worse because the North Carolina Republican Rep. Mark Meadows badgers pregnant Dr. Mandy Cohen, who's due in three weeks. Sadly, Cohen wasn't ready with the simple answer; this is how insurance works, by spreading the cost:

Congressman Demands Pregnant Woman Explain Why Obamacare Includes Maternity Coverage:During Cohen’s testimony, Rep. Meadows demanded to know why Americans are forced to buy coverage for services that don’t apply to them. MEADOWS: So you have to buy maternity, even though you may never have a child?

COHEN: That is correct.

MEADOWS: Are there other things you have to buy that you may never use?

COHEN: It depends on your personal family situation and your medical situation. I’ll say as an internist, and a primary care doc, that sometimes you don’t know what that medical situation will be going forward, and that’s the nature–

MEADOWS: But maternity is one that you can probably analyze pretty well for someone who’s in their 50s.

COHEN: Right, but it’s a minimal essential benefit we wanted to make sure that all Americans had access to.
Sen. Tom Harkin said it best last fall:
Sen. Tom Harkin (D-IA) responded to the critiques of maternity coverage, comparing it to the property taxes that fund public schools. “Maybe because my wife and I do not have any more children and they are grown up, maybe I should not have to pay property taxes to pay for my local schools,” he said. “We are better than that in this country. We are talking about being part of our society. It is to our benefit, my wife and I, to support our local schools because that is our next generation, we want them well taught. Same with health care. It is a values system.” 

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