Monday, June 9, 2014

Conservative Extremists Criticize Democratic Platform that serves the People.

Who ever heard of the Wisconsin Daily Independent? Yea, another nonsensical right wing “news” site.

After paging through the Democratic Party Platform at the convention, I thought, how could anyone be against lower college debt, a living wage, a transition from depending on military spending, promote alternative energy etc.

WDI is not only against jobs and a better Wisconsin economy, they supplied the most moronic answers supporting their upside down thinking. Like their mind bending solution to student debt that makes an obscure reference to “stopping skyrocketing tuition,” ...which is a direct result of GOP funding cuts to public colleges:
Reducing student debt: Instead of finding a way from stopping the skyrocketing tuition over the years, instead of proposing a freeze like Governor Walker did, they just want to give better interest rates. Student debt going up is ok, as long as it’s at a good interest rate.
Yes, that lowers the eventual total cost of a student’s debt. Did I miss something?

Or the following amazing argument against accountable standards, teacher licensing and trying to stop fraud and exploitation for profit. Wow, that's a bad idea?
They want to cut off vouchers because “voucher schools are not held to the same standards, or teacher licensing, creating deregulated, unsupervised, and unaccountable schools with profiteers drawing from public coffers, committing fraud and exploitation,”. What they’re saying here is if you don’t like public schools and you’re poor, too bad. You’ll take the one size fits all education and like it.
And the frack sand mining boon that spread around this state without the thought of regulation or insuring the safety of those who live near mining operations, including schools and neighborhoods that are getting blanketed with silica dust:
They want to literally kill 100′s of jobs by “a temporary moratorium on further permitting of silica sand mines or handling facilities while a Generic Environmental Impact Statement (GEIS)”. This has been a boom for parts of Wisconsin and is has very little environmental impact if any.
Killing people though...not so bad. Save the jobs. Bragging that it’s a “boon” supposedly makes it safer?

My favorite is this little bit of word play, intentional or not:
Single payer healthcare. Need more be said about this one? In every industry that is government only run the quality goes down as the price goes up historically.
Get that? “In every industry"…instead of “in every country” where the quality is as good or better than in the U.S., and at half the price. Technically, the cost of care is a worldwide problem regardless of the system of insurance. 

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