Thursday, June 19, 2014

Walker's uses Great Recession as Excuse, diversion from his Failed Jobs Policies.

Obama's job creation numbers are twice that of Scott Walker's, yet Obama's recovery is a failure and Walker's is a success...double standard?

We also heard how Obama should stop blaming Bush for everything, yet Walker can blame former Gov. Jim Doyle for everything, including the Great Recession...double standard?

And Walker's continued use of the Great Recession ("free market" anyone?) as a ploy to use against against Democrats has been surreal for some time now. He just went off the rails today:

Here's the jobs chart showing both Doyle's and Walker's record. Anyone notice the dip in 2008-2009? The Great Recession, right? Supporters should be asking themselves, "Is Walker that stupid or is he conning us?" By the looks of his Tweet, we all know the answer:
Just to be clear, here's the latest rankings:
jsonline: Wisconsin gained 28,141 private-sector jobs in the 12 months of 2013, a 1.2% increase that ranks the state 37th among the 50 states in the pace of job creation during that period. The latest rank is little changed from the state's previous status. In 2012, Wisconsin ranked 36 out of 50 in private-sector job creation and in 2011 it was 35th.

The United States created private-sector jobs at a rate of 2.1% in the latest 12-month period, nearly double Wisconsin's 1.2% rate.

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