Monday, June 2, 2014

Issa's new outrage? Obama's "Operation Choke Point" a threat to Fraud and Illegal Behavior Involving Guns.

Is anyone surprised that another attempt to smear President Obama is coming from Rep. Darrell Issa?
Fox News: California GOP Rep. Darrell Issa, chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee (said) the Obama administration resorted to using its executive power to try to put some in the firearms industry out of business. Citing internal Justice Department documents, the committee concluded that the administration used a program known as Operation Choke Point to target legal companies that it finds “objectionable.”
Any attempts at law enforcement involving guns are another wonderful chance by Republicans to scare gun owners about losing their Second Amendment rights. Hey, it sells firearms.
The program was started in 2013 to protect consumers by “choking” alleged fraudsters’ access to the banking system … from companies that are considered “high risk” and are supposedly violating federal law … Issa’s committee show the federal government lumped the firearms industry in with other "high-risk" businesses including those dealing with pornography, drug paraphernalia, escort services, racist materials, Ponzi schemes and online gambling.
So we’re supposed to let fraud and illegal behavior just happen?
Justice Department spokesman Emily Pierce said Friday that all the assertions by the House committee are “false.” She said the documents Issa released actually “make clear that we are targeting fraudulent and illegal behavior” ... the department will continue to hold “accountable” the financial institutions that process fraudulent transactions.
Let’s hear from the gun selling lobbyists:
Andrew Arulanandam, National Rifle Association spokesman, said Saturday“The efforts of the Obama administration to impose its vision of a ‘fundamentally transformed’ America have already fallen hard on those who value the Second Amendment. Some fear this could be yet another example of [the president’s] ‘phone and pen’ style of imperial governance.”
 That'll sell guns.

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