Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Tea Party's unapologetic Racism marches on....

This is just astonishing out of Texas:
Despite an ongoing investigation and calls for her resignation, a two-term La Marque City Council member remains unfazed by the fury over her comments. Monday was the first time members of the public were given the chance to address city council since Connie Trube's recorded comments were released.

"It's not going to get any better until you get those blacks off the school board. She really turned black. She got on the school board with the rest of the blacks and they all just ganged up and that's why the school system has gone to hell."
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Asked to respond:
"What is on the tape is nothing more than me stating my honest opinion and I don't back down from that," said Trube. "I never denied what was on the tape."


  1. You liberals can't handle the truth of what she said. You can't hide from the truth.

  2. Please give evidence of Trube's party affiliation or connection with the "Tea Party."

  3. Demo slaps a Tea Party label on the woman and then claims "prove she is not" instead of actually investigating and coming up with a facts of his own. Classic.

  4. Again, prove she isn't.

    Media is to blame most of the time because they rarely background the individuals party leanings in typically nonpartisan city councils. I've had a heck of a time researching this stuff in the past.

    Of course you're trying to give the impression liberals are this racist too, as a way to hide your own feelings and the conservative support for racist comments. Let's face it, you guys are not really hiding it anymore.

    Well Mr. Anonymous, put your name on this ridiculous argument. Give us a face. Stand up for racism, whether conservative or as you like to pretend, liberal.

  5. Lets see - Obama is a Muslim - prove that he is not. Hillary and Obama knew all along that Bengazi was not about a video - prove that they did not. Obama knew all about the gun running scandal - prove that he did not. Obama directed the IRS to block conservative non profits from forming - prove that he did not. Obama beats Michelle nightly - prove that he doesn't. See how easy it is to just throw crap out with no proof? And yes the lady is blatantly racist and i think she should resign. But none of that points to her being a Tea Party member or even a Republican. Post some facts or just admit you pulled that part out of your ass.

  6. This issue aside, democrats have always been the party of racists and the ones filled with anger and hate. They try to hide it by race baiting and trying to demoralize anyone who presents logic and reason to their emotional tripe.

  7. Thank you Anonymous, your answers were so removed from reality, that they were actually entertaining while maintaining their scary edge. You made my point, and now everyone reading this will see how folks like you scapegoat, blame, offer false narratives, suffer from extreme projection, and live in alternative world no one but those on the right are familiar with.

    Please, keep telling yourself you're okay if it keeps you from being dangerous to others.

  8. Are you aware there are more than one Anonymous commenting here?

    Clearly many people are waking up and still trying to help the ultra ignorant understand the mirage they have been living in for so long but with some people, you just can't get through to them.

    They have lived in liberal loony land so long and they are too comfortable there to leave. But that should work out well for you as the rest of the world wakes up.

    I don't see any of the comments above as demonstrating any hostility or danger to anyone. Talk about false narratives and blame.

    It's very easy to voice an opinion without presenting any evidence.

    You might want to try sticking to the facts. They are more difficult to debunk.

    What was scary to you from the above comments?

  9. Stick to the facts yourself, I know I have time and time again. You hit and run trolls prove how hard it will be to make progress.

    I suppose I could stick in a few "freedoms" and "constitutional" in if that helps this stuff makes sense to you.

  10. You don't know the meaning of those words.