Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Scott Walker trashes Dumb Ron Johnson, believes in a Perpetual War "Properly Administered."

Scott Walker says Americans love perpetual war, and want to engage the world militarily for however long it takes to "win." Who knew? 

Breathtakingly authoritarian, Scott Walker believes that our recent wars "just haven't been properly administered." This great military mind knows what to do?  
National Review: On foreign policy, Walker positioned himself firmly in the establishment camp, dismissing arguments that Republican voters want to see the United States reduce its engagement with the world. “I don’t believe that,” he said. “I believe fundamentally the reason why many young voters are suspect about foreign policy and the wars and many things like that is that they just haven’t been properly administered,” he said.
Even Scott Walker can't stand Dumb Ron Johnson's panicky guy routine. Nice quotable Democratic campaign material for 2016:
Walker also threw some elbows at Washington Republicans, criticizing them for harping on issues like the debt and the deficit without offering a positive vision for the future. “We have to be optimistic,” he said. He pointed to a particular senator who “constantly talks about how horrible the debt is.” Walker said that, while he shares the sentiment, the issue has limited popular appeal. At times, he said that listening to the senator harping on it makes him “want to slit my wrists because I’m just like, ‘My God, this is so awful, I cannot believe this.’”
Here in Wisconsin, Walker is playing gender politics against Mary Burke, with condescending comments that sound amazingly desperate. Maybe it's the people...again, he's surrounded himself with:
As Walker was garnering applause from the lunch crowd, the aides he had in tow were getting less positive feedback. Though operating on friendly turf, they acted skittish, guarded, and unfriendly. An event organizer complained that the governor’s team was dismissive and difficult to deal with, and that she found it nearly impossible to get Walker on the phone with his host.

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  1. Scotty's acting like he's seen some bad polling data, and when that happens, the little boy tends to act out and play the "divide and conquer" game. It's also very funny to hear Walker try to say "deficits don't matter" and "you just have to stay positive", because this is the same guy who said we were broke so we HAD to "drop the bomb." Does he think we're like right-wing radio listeners and don't remember these things?

    Burke looks like the grown up in the room right now, doesn't she?