Thursday, June 5, 2014

WISGOP & Rep. Robin Vos stumped party Democratic leaders and candidates are held accountable, criticized by their voters.

The Borg like Republican Party is having fun sticking it too liberals, progressives and Democratic voters for simply criticizing and questioning their own candidate for governor. What an odd concept.

Who would ever do that says Rep. Robin Vos.
According to the in-the-tank for Scott Walker radio host Charlie Sykes:
The video is but a small sampling, but it is indicative of some of the rumblings among grassroots progressives that have dogged Mary Burke since she first jumped into the race.
With fair nonpartisan leading questions like; "How do you feel about Mary Burke outsourcing hundreds of jobs to China," which isn't something she ever ever did, I wonder how the not so informed voter would react initially?

Or how about this man-on-the-street question; "Trek hasn't paid corporate taxes in decades, how do you feel about that?" Wait a minute:
According to the records, Trek files under “Subchapter S” of the tax code, which enables the company to avoid corporate taxes and pay as individuals at a lower rate.
Oh, that's why they didn't pay corporate taxes. Just a note, Mary Burke never ran the business in Wisconsin, just saying.

And yet, it's possible Republicans will stay in power based on these complete deceptions, no real solutions, and credit card spending. And they sleep very comfortably too.

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