Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Wisconsin Cheese gets Democratic Action from Baldwin and Kind, but nothing from Republican Congressmen Ryan, Duffy, Sensenbrenner, Ribble, and Petri!!!

A farmers best friend? Democratic Senator Tammy Baldwin and Rep. Ron Kind.

In yet another example of getting stiffed by the GOP. Farmers who typically vote Republican aren't getting any help from their rural lawmakers in D.C. over the future of aged cheeses in their state and from around the world. It’s no surprise though, since my conservative friend in Milwaukee is absolutely beside himself over the imperial presidency, Benghazi, Bergdahl and ObamaCare. Those are real issues Americans are more concerned with.

Cheese Aged on Wood needs defending. And missing in action is Dumb Ron Johnson, Rep. Ryan, Ribble, Sensenbrenner, Duffy, and Petri. What do rural farmers see in these farm bill delaying freeloaders?

The Cheese/Wood FDA Threat, WSJ
Wooden boards, which have been an integral part of aging cheeses, were called unsanitary by an FDA official. The future of many cheese operations in Wisconsin and elsewhere and the unique tastes of popular cheeses like aged cheddar and Parmesan are hanging in the balance.
One problem; "Cheese-making is a long and involved process that makes use of bacteria, enzymes and naturally formed acids to solidify milk proteins and fat and preserve ..."
Marianne Smukowski of the UW-Madison Center of Dairy Research. “And none have been traced back to aging cheese on wood boards.” 
Baldwin and Kind: Democrats continue to pay attention to the job of governing and problem solving: 
According to John Umhoefer, the executive director of the Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association. “This is not a fad. This is the way that it’s done,” he said. He added that U.S. Rep. Ron Kind, R-La Crosse, already has contacted him to express his concern and support for the cheese producers. Umhoefer said cheese producers from around the world are concerned because the FDA ruling also will limit all cheese imported into the United States.

Chris Roelli, owner of the Roelli Cheese Haus in Shullsburg said that representatives from the office of Sen. Tammy Baldwin contacted him ... (he) uses wooden boards to age 85 percent of its cheeses. Roelli said. “The political powers should get behind us because it’s so important to the state’s dairy industry, which is a very powerful industry in this state with the jobs and the economic impact it has. This is very serious stuff.”

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