Thursday, June 26, 2014

Walker campaign desperate, resorts to lying in ads. So little to brag about?

It looks like Mr. "Unintimidated,"  Scott Walker, needs to lie about his opponent? Could it be those soaring CEO approval ratings aren't impressing the average middle class voter? 
Our rating: In a campaign ad, Walker says that "when Jim Doyle was governor and Mary Burke was commerce secretary," Wisconsin saw "billions in middle-class tax hikes on nursing home beds, gas, phones and garbage."

As a cabinet secretary, Burke would have had some impact on one of Doyle’s budgets. And it did contain increases on those four items. But the ad misfires badly on the math and the blame game.

Proposed new taxes and fees in that one budget totalled $366 million on nursing homes, gas, garbage and phones, not "billions." And the tally was far less in the final version of the budget Doyle signed.

Beyond that, Burke was gone when Doyle’s subsequent budget sought up to $1.35 billion more for those items in 2009.

We rate Walker’s claim False.

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