Tuesday, June 24, 2014

ObamaCare Failed...to increase Insurer Premiums in 2015 in Florida, some prices went down.

WaPo Greg Sargent tweeted the good news out of Florida today that appears to contradict the sky is falling predictions Republicans made about Obama's health care "train wreck."
It's time for Democrats to start pointing out how wrong Republicans were, no?
Something unprecedented may be unfolding in Florida's individual health-insurance market: None of the nine companies that have filed their 2015 rate requests so far wants an increase. In fact, two of the companies -- Molina Healthcare of Florida and Sunshine Health -- actually requested a price cut.

"The fact is, an overall pattern of insurers not seeking rate increases -- and even seeking rate decreases -- is unheard of," said Greg Mellowe, policy director for the consumer advocacy group Florida CHAIN.

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