Friday, June 13, 2014

Walker confirms; He's will "deny to any person ... the equal protection of the laws” regarding Same Sex Marriage. That's just the beginning...

Scott Walker may want to avoid answering matter-of-factly how he now feels about gay marriage to save every vote possible, but the truth is, he has and still does support an unconstitutional law. He wants that in a "leader?"

Incidental governor
 strikes again.
That's the take-away we should all have after hearing Walker's recent comments to Journal Sentinel's
Dan Bice. But it doesn't matter what Walker says now, because his first inclination was to violate the Constitutions Fourteenth Amendment, and give up other peoples rights to a majority vote. Even just as telling is the Republican desire to leave it up to what amounts to a "sure bet" in the conservative activists Supreme Court.

Walker made it clear that whatever really happens in all of this, Dan Bice will report "whatever you want" anyway, suggesting something less than the truth. You know how that "liberal media" is, it's never quite as trustworthy as right wing radio hosts like Sykes and Limbaugh, or cable's truth tellers like Hannity and Beck.

Check out this nasty little man's contemptible response to questioning:

This is the "Walker" Scotty tries so hard to conceal with his well rehearsed memorized statements.
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