Friday, June 20, 2014

Damage Control: Walker Desperately Runs to Fox News!

It's fascinating to hear Republicans like Scott Walker praise...
"...two objective judges, third parties removed from the executive legislative branch..."
...but trash the judiciary when an issue like voter ID and the ban on same sex marriage are determined to be unconstitutional. No problem flip flopping on those same "activist" courts.

Walker's Wishful Thinking:

...and don't forget the judges order to destroy all the evidence. Thank you Judge Randa. 

Outside Millionaire/Billionaire Corporate Campaign Contributors aren't Big Government "Special Interests?" Walker especially hates big government special interests; marginalized unions who would dare fund candidates opposed to the GOP agenda.

In less than 24 hours, Walker ran to Fox News for a sit down interview, the go to network to help repair his faltering national image and save his possible presidential run. He did not go to the local Wisconsin stations. If anything, it's good to see the calm "incidental governor" show how bitterly partisan he really is. We only got a glimpse of that from the bigoted racist emails sent by his carefully chosen like-minded staff.

Victim Scott Walker is being questioned by...the media:
Walker: "The media is, at least many in the media, are willing accomplices." 
Accomplices? But it's surreal to see how Walker simply rationalized away big government conservative corporate interests:
Steve Doocy: "And they came after you, you say, because the action out in Wisconsin where famously, you tried to change the way the unions work in Wisconsin."

Walker: "That's right, we tried to take the government away from the big government interests and put it firmly in the hands of the hard working taxpayers.
Like "the hands of the hard working" Wisconsin Club for Growth, Citizens for a Strong America, Wisconsin Right to Life and United Sportsmen of Wisconsin. You know, right wing big government interests.

Walker ended the interview with a plea for "grassroots help" NATIONALLY to win reelection in Wisconsin.

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