Wednesday, June 18, 2014

More Common Core support in Wisconsin: "Marshfield is not an island, and is operating in a global marketplace."

I have rarely seen a negative article about Common Core in Wisconsin, besides the occasional story about the tea party's opposition.

Here's another example that flies in the face of what we're hearing nationwide:
MARSHFIELDNewsHarold: Despite the controversy surrounding Common Core, Marshfield School Board’s Curriculum and Instruction Committee doesn’t foresee the district doing anything to distance itself from the set of standards Wisconsin adopted in 2010, according to committee members. “If you listen to the (Professional Learning Community) committees, or how we develop curriculum, that’s not what drives the development. It’s so much more than that,” said Dorothy Chaney, who sits on the committee. “Common Core is not what drives our curriculum development, period,” Chaney said.

“My opinion is I don’t think it would rise to the level of a high priority,” Committee member Randell Kruger said. “Given that there are a lot of standards that we have to abide by … (like) the standards to teach Advanced Placement, Project Lead the Way, or transcripted credit courses through local institutions of higher learning.

Chair Amber Leifheit said, “The community gets a curriculum that it wants.”
If you take anything away from this story, this is it:
Common Core critics say schools are losing local control over curriculum choices, however, Kruger said people have to realize Marshfield is not an island, and is operating in a global marketplace.

“I see the concern, but I don’t think it’s losing control,” he said. “You have to realize you’re not alone in the world.”

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