Thursday, June 19, 2014

Walker judged in court of Public Opinion over what looks like Illegal Campaign Coordination Revealed in Email to Karl Rove.

The media is buzzing over Scott Walker's apparent involvement in illegal campaign coordination, which is a violation of Wisconsin law, hit the fan today.

BREAKING NEWS: Walker is scrambling to repair his public image. jsonline-Dan Bice:
Insiders say Walker's campaign has dropped $245,000 to air a new commercial on TV stations in five markets beginning Friday. Also on Friday, the first-term Republican governor will be going on national network "Fox and Friends"program at 6:15 a.m. to discuss the release of the John Doe records. "The accusation of any wrongdoing written in the complaint by the office of a partisan Dem DA by me or by my campaign is categorically false," Walker said ... Walker also posted tweets calling on prosecutors to end the investigation. He also suggested that Democrats will "use these false accusations to distract from the issues important to the voters of Wisconsin."
Distract us from his jobs failure. Not a chance Scotty.

Let's start with the local station WISC Channel3000 and Jessica Arp:

Big Ed Schultz, who talked with the Progressive's Ruth Conniff and State Sen. Lena Taylor:

Here's Rev. Al with State Sen. Jon Erpenbach and Journal Sentinel reporter Patrick Marley:

Here's Chris Hayes with Ruth Conniff again, on the phone, with a nice summation:

And a short comment from Rachel Maddow, who also mentions Walker's jobs promise:

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