Monday, June 9, 2014

Really? A "makeshift" Shooting Range?

I know gun laws are almost nonexistent, but who can just set up a makeshift gun range?
On Wednesday the Department of Natural Resources shut down a makeshift gun range. The unofficial range at the Swan Lake Wildlife Area has generated neighbor complaints of noise and fear of stray bullets. 
And it's legal too:
While it’s legal on state land, DNR officials said the activity has been concerning for too long. “...we’ve gotten complaints and the litter has been constant over that time,” DNR representative Bob Manwell said ... people have brought everything from old television sets to bottles, cans and produce for targets.
So it's legal to start a makeshift gun range, but an official gun range has "regulatory hurdles?"
Despite the closure, the DNR plans to open a new range for the public about 6 miles away at the Mud Lake Wildlife Area. It could open in the fall of 2015, but it has to clear a couple regulatory hurdles first. "We’re trying to provide safe and well-designed facilities for everyone to enjoy the shooting sport," Manwell said.
Here's WISC Channel3000 and WKOW with a whole range of bizarre details:

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