Thursday, June 26, 2014

"Together, we are Koch!!!"

Replacing the "I am AFP" slogan, that made conservatives look like Borg extensions of their billionaire puppeteers, didn't turn out so well this time around either:
"I Am Borg?"
WSJ: The brothers, together reportedly worth about $80 billion, are looking to soften their brand by running a national ad campaign that focuses not on their politics, but on the inherent goodness of their mega-congomlerate Koch Industries, which last year raked in $115 billion in revenue. The ads have recently begun airing in the Madison market.
"One of our nation's largest private companies is proudly built on American values and skill," gushes a dulcet female voiceover. "Koch Industries started in the heartland and has expanded to nearly every state." A story about the ad campaign recently ran in Advertising Age.
The ad ends with the moony statement, "Together, we are Koch."
Stunningly disconnected from reality:

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