Monday, June 2, 2014

GOP goes to War against Healthy School Lunches.

My god these people are hypocrites.

1. Before I get to the school lunch war, I'd like to point out another bit of hypocrisy: Republicans in Wisconsin increased taxes on the poor by cutting the Earned Income Tax Credit and Homestead Credit because, as they stated, the poor were getting money back they never earned. Yet on a national level, Republicans who oppose an increase in the minimum wage say instead we should increase the Earned Income Tax Credit and Homestead Credit. Huh? Anyone else notice this?

2. Republicans were for Nutritional Food before they were against it: Wisconsin Republicans just hated to watch food stamp recipients spend taxpayer dollars on junk food in the grocery line, so they came up with a banned food list that even included our state product cheese. Yet on a national level, Republicans are throwing a tantrum over eliminating junk food in our school cafeterias. They even made it personal against Michelle Obama. Huh?

Republicans don't have an agenda, they have an offensive attacks that targets Democratic ideas that might win constituent votes. Check out this compilation of videos that tells the whole story:

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