Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Presidential hopeful Paul Ryan wants to rule the World under Military Iron Fist.

What, no lessons learned from the Bush administrations aggressive military interventionist preemption policy? Not for Paul Ryan. Perpetual war is a political ploy to keep the public in line.

If this growing authoritarian shift in U.S. foreign policy and the world wide GOP announcement to our enemies President Obama is weak doesn't trouble you…
jsonline: "Our friends think we're adrift, our rivals think we're sinking, our credibility is at risk, and so with it, our security. We can't withdraw from the world. We have to stay engaged." Accusing President Barack Obama of weakness on the world stage, Wisconsin Republican Paul Ryan argued Wednesday for a military buildup, for a more vigorous foreign policy vision, and against a U.S. troop withdrawal from Afghanistan "before we finish the job." "When Russia invaded Ukraine, the president spoke with all the moral outrage of an instruction manual." The world isn't perfect, and we shouldn't try to make it so. To say we're the leader is not to say we're always the enforcer. Instead, we're the chief advocate — for our interests and our principles — because a lot of people in the world share our principles."
Ryan is hoping to expand the Military Congressional Industrial Complex to stabilize the economy enough to ease the pain of what he knows would be a highly unpopular agenda.
"We have to develop our military. But we shouldn't be quick to use it. We prepare for war so we can keep the peace."
That sounds like peace? Phony peace.

And in yet another breathtaking example of projection, Ryan had the balls to bashed China for mirroring the GOP world corporate takeover.
Ryan had sharp words for China in the speech: "With its new power, China isn't trying to bend the rules — in many ways it's trying to rewrite them altogether … It's attacking our companies. It's promoting crony capitalism. In a narrow-minded pursuit of its narrow self-interest, China isn't trying to uphold market principles but in many respects, it's trying to upend them."
Ryan has always pretended he was against crony capitalism, when in fact, the GOP platform would collapse work without it. 

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