Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Magic: Desktops with no wires!

By 2016, we might not have to cluster our scanner or printer somewhere near our desktop anymore. It’s a dream come true:
PC World: Intel wants your next PC to have no wires: Intel wants to eliminate all wires from desktops with WiGig technology, which is three times faster than the latest 802.11ac Wi-Fi technology.

The WiGig wireless connection will connect desktops to displays, and also enable wireless keyboards and mice ... Intel is developing WiGig modules for laptops, desktops and high-resolution displays. WiGig has the potential to replace HDMI and DisplayPort technologies, and wireless modules could be integrated in PCs as early as next year.

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  1. Conversely, having the computer and printer ONLY in the living room was the way that any responsible parent could reasonably monitor computer use by the children and teenagers without a conflict arising. It was there or nowhere. (e.g. Waukesha tragic stabbing, though other factors were likely in play there.)

    Next step was Bill Gates and grant to HS and the follow-up requirement that all students have and carry laptops that as a parent, passwords and access were then completely out of parental guidance or supervision.

    Barely two years ago, first available/semi-affordable IP faster than dial-up came only with a wireless router. You get the picture., did it really improve communication? Thanks.